As you can see in the name, the content_main.xml determines the contents you can find in your Activity (MainActivity in this case). You use this xml-file to add new contents (Views) to your Activity. The activity_main.xml is the "outer" part of the activity layout (toolbar, action button, etc.) and content_main.xml is the inner part where you put your own layout (the blank space). So you should usually be working with content_main.xml where Ben is woking with activity_main.xml in this lesson. you have two layout files for an activity when you chose Blank Activity.

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The symbol variables it can't find specifically are: variable toolbar, variable container, variable tabs. Here's my file 2019-11-10 · Students are able to identify all of the objects on the page (vocabulary), then asked to state the main idea or category and give reasons why. It’s a quick and easy activity to integrate into your centers. Just laminate the pages and go! “Mystery Bags” is another fun activity to use when working backwards. Answers: Context may be an Application, a Service, an Activity, and more. Normally the context of Views in an Activity is the Activity itself so you may think you can just cast this Context to Activity but actually you can’t always do it, because the context can also be a ContextThemeWrapper in this case.

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activity_main.xml will contain your activity global design, and content_main.xml will contain the contents. From view of what they contain: activity_main: Co-ordinator layout, ViewPager etc content_main.xml 은 기존 activity_main.xml 에서과 완전히 동일한 기능을 수행하는 것으로 보입니다. 즉, Layout, TextView, Button 등의 그림 그리는 일은 이제 'content_main.xml'에서 하면 되는 것입니다. 그리고 activity_main.xml 에서는 content_main.xml 을 포함시킵니다.

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Remember the more activity you do each week, the better. Move more, sit less, every day! Be active every day in as many ways as you can!
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前言刚开始开发android的时候,新建一个activity总是会新建两个文件,我们已默认命名MainActivity.java与activity_main.xml两个文件来给大家介绍。activity_main.xmllayout就是布局,所以activity_main.xml其实就是一个布局文件。 Tap on the :mic: record what the main idea was and 2-3 details. Tap :check: to post on your journal. Writing: Main Idea & Details #2 — Classroom Activity by Salina Chesnut — Seesaw Activity Library Main Topic or Key Detail Read each set of words in the blue boxes and decide if it is the topic (1-2 words) or a key detail (gives more information).

activity_main.xml will contain your activity global design, and content_main.xml the contents. What is the role of content_main.xml in android studio 1.4? So it seems the content_main.xml is a part of a new design pattern introduced in Android Studio 1.4. For the moment, to get along with the tutorials you can find pick the 'empty activity' when creating a new project.
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